Paris Half-Marathon 2021

Paris Half Marathon 2019

Paris Half Marathon 2019 – With our friends Sarah and Sonia

Finally, we will be back to our big races, which have been postponed until now because of the COVID pandemic. The first of these major Parisian races is the Paris Half Marathon.
So these are new conditions that we are encountering. Usually, before the health crisis, the race took place at the beginning of March, at the end of winter, where sometimes we had snow at the start… This time, it is the end of summer, when the heat may still be present… we shall see.

The course is also different, starting at Pont de Sully and boulevard Henri IV and finishing at Place de la Bastille, with still a good portion in the Bois de Vincennes.

Paris Half Marathon 2019 - Passing next to the Hôtel de Ville

Paris Half Marathon 2019 – Passing next to the Hôtel de Ville

Of course, still in the particular circumstances of the pandemic, you will need a valid COVID certificate to participate in the event.

So, first half-marathon, chase for the distance record, preparation for the Paris Marathon which takes place 6 weeks later (following the various postponements), pleasant moment of running with friends, whatever, GOOD HALF!

Previous editions:
2019 Edition – 2018 Edition – 2017 Edition – 1999 edition – 1998 Edition


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