• 31 December 2020 — 23 h 59

2020, a problematic year for running competitions due to the health crisis… It is difficult to follow here the postponements and cancellations. Likewise, we did not indicate the connected races because they are not always scheduled in advance and do not necessarily fit into the format given by this blog.

We start 2021 with still little certainty about the return to a normal health situation. Already at the beginning of this year, cancellations and postponements have been announced. It is therefore not easy for us to build the races’ schedule here…

Many races usually held in spring are scheduled for this fall, we will start to indicate them. As there are still a lot of changes, we will try our best to keep this blog up to date. Please bear with us if this is not immediate.

In any case, we wish you a good year 2021, away from health problems, with lots of great races, whether training or hopefully with great competitions as we like them! 😃

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