Relive some of our tours (and discover secrets or anecdotes of Paris!)

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Hello ! We would like to inform you that we have decided to stop publishing articles in our blog. We made this decision in order to focus our efforts on our already existing Instagram and Facebook pages, which have become the main platforms to follow our business. We...

A second “2021” tour to celebrate the new year, follow us!

Our GPS drawing tours are very popular, so we did the “2021” tour again. We wish you once again an excellent year 2021! A big thank you to all the participants 😃 —- Paris Running Tours: private tours or free outings, stay tuned! See you soon for new...

To celebrate the New Year, we drew 2021 in Paris, follow us!

We wish you a very happy 2021! Many thanks to Alicia, Chrystelle, Claudine, Cyril, Françoise, Frédéric, Jean-François, Jérôme, Justice, Sandra, Valéry and Xavier! —- Paris Running Tours: private tours or free outings, stay tuned! See you soon for new themed...

Running doing a spiral in the centre of Paris!

Running doing a spiral in the centre of Paris! So many things to discover or see again, to share the history of Paris, to understand the link between historical events and the physiognomy of the city, to have the joy of running together… a pleasant stroll (and...
By reading our blog, discover examples of routes we follow with our visitors. See the photos which illustrate the places we met. As during the running tours, we enjoy to present you the stories and the anecdotes of the encountered places. Find the route at the end of articles. If you look for information about a particular place, use the Places list or the Search bar below. If these articles inspire you, contact us and we can prepare your tour according to your wishes.


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