Relive some of our tours (and discover secrets or anecdotes of Paris!)

Thank you to our visitors for these great moments shared in 2018!

  If you too, you come to Paris, we will be very happy to run with you. Join us and discover Paris with authentic Parisians guides who will take you on the best running routes in Paris and who always have tons of secrets to share with...

Follow us on the run, discover the beautiful sites of Paris

Thanks to Kendra and Michael, Anne and Valentine, Craig, Andrew and Gina, Elizabeth and David (happy to see you again), James and Angela! If you too, you come to Paris, we will be very happy to run with you. Join us and discover Paris with authentic Parisians guides...

Souvenirs of recent strolls with Paris Running Tours

Among all the beautiful encounters that Paris offers us, here is a small selection of photos taken during some of our Paris Running Tours at the end of June: splendid views of the Seine, amazing fountains, famous monuments, surprising contemporary works of art, unique...

Contemporary art in one of the oldest companies in the world. With Daniela.

Daniela came from Switzerland to rediscover Paris with Paris Running Tours. During our race, we went from one surprise to another, discovering both very old institutions and very recent artistic innovations, as Paris knows how to propose them very frequently. The city...
By reading our blog, discover examples of routes we follow with our visitors. See the photos which illustrate the places we met. As during the running tours, we enjoy to present you the stories and the anecdotes of the encountered places. Find the route at the end of articles. If you look for information about a particular place, use the Places list or the Search bar below. If these articles inspire you, contact us and we can prepare your tour according to your wishes.


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