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Splendors of Paris 8K (5 mi)

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St Germain Latin Quarter 8K (5 mi)
Republic and places of power 8K (5 mi)
Walls and fortifications 8K (5 mi)

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You have runners among your relations, your family, your colleagues, your friends, your customers…
You know that they planned to come to Paris for tourism or for business.
Do you want to give them a great pleasure and offer them an non-ordinary present which will suit them perfectly?

Offer them an original present, offer them an exceptional visit of Paris by running and fantastic memories of an unforgettable stroll!

They will discover Paris with a Parisian guide in love with Paris and passionate about running.

Offer a visit of Paris by running with Paris Running Tours*!

” […] This was the best gift to give a runner in Paris !! […]”
Read this TripAdvisor review written by Brian, very happy to have offered a Paris Running tour.


Fill in the form below. You will then receive a request for payment using the secure payment system Paypal. Once the payment has been made, you will receive an email containing the Gift Voucher that you can give to the person(s) of your choice.
The person(s) will then be able to book the tour offered by contacting Paris Running Tours on the date that is convenient for them** (explanations in the Gift Voucher).

Choose to please your loved ones or your relations!

* the tour corresponds to the standard services of Paris Running Tours.
** for a period of two years after the purchase date.

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