Relive some of our tours (and discover secrets or anecdotes of Paris!)

In front of the Opéra Garnier with Lourdes

Lourdes – Opéra Garnier Paris Click on the picture for a larger view 8:17 AM –  Lourdes, from Mexico, ended its stay in Europe with a short stage in Paris. How to take advantage of Paris when we have not a lot of time? A fast morning run before taking back...

Running at dawn in Paris with Lou

Lou – Grand Palais 6:06 AM – Lou comes from Tasmania (Australia) where it is at present very cold (5 ° C). In Paris, it is summer. Early risers, we ran by taking advantage of the rising sun and the beautiful light which slowly spread on Paris. In this...

Routes of a Running Tours guide

Routes of a Paris Running Tour guide (some GPS Garmin Forerunner 405 records, done since May 2008 – Training, competitions, Running tours, …) In Paris Running Tour, the runners-guides know perfectly their city, Paris.  Crossing in great detail the capital...

At the Arc of Triumph with Tracy

Tracy – Arc de Triomphe 6:30 AM – With Tracy, of Texas (USA), we ran the most beautiful Parisian Palace tour, admiring, during our running, the Ritz, place Vendome, hotel Meurice hotel, hotel of Crillon, the Plaza Athenée and other beautiful hotels. Of...
By reading our blog, discover examples of routes we follow with our visitors. See the photos which illustrate the places we met. As during the running tours, we enjoy to present you the stories and the anecdotes of the encountered places. Find the route at the end of articles. If you look for information about a particular place, use the Places list or the Search bar below. If these articles inspire you, contact us and we can prepare your tour according to your wishes.



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