Jennifer – Louis-Philippe’s bridge

7:02 AM – Jennifer, of San Francisco, runs very regularly. We were able to discover the center of Paris by making two running tours early in the morning: the right bank, the left bank, the shores of the Seine and of course, the Parisian islands, the Island of “La Cité” and the Saint Louis Island.

On the photo above, we can see on the left, in the foreground, the Saint Louis Island then, at the bottom, the Island of “La Cité”.

Did you know that Paris counted ten islands at the end of the XVIth century?

The river Seine – 1550

During our two races, we were able to

  • Find the Palace of the Legion of Honor:
Jennifer – “Palais de la Légion d’Honneur” Paris | “California Palace of the Legion of Honor” San Francisco
The museum “California Palace of the Legion of Honor” in San Francisco is a replica of the “Palais de la Légion d’Honneur” of Paris. The facade of the Palace in San Francisco is very visible and highlighted by the very beautiful “Lincoln Park”. 
We can admire the original Palace in Paris since a more narrow street, the “rue de Lille”.


  • greet Genevièvenoble Parisian Lady who made Attila and his Huns run away in the 5th century and since became the protector of Paris:
Jennifer – Geneviève “Eglise Saint Etienne du Mont”, “Jardin du Luxembourg”, “Pont de la Tournelle”
Geneviève is always represented with long plaits. Recent artistic style? No, it seems that effectively, during the Medieval period which begins in 5th century, the fashion was with long hair, frequently braided. 
If you want to discover Geneviève’s life, go on the “Mountain” of the same name in Paris and visit the “Panthéon”, all her life is painted on walls there.


  • visit the Paris of the Middle Ages by going through the “Marais”:
Jennifer – “Rue François Miron” – “Rue des Barres”

Merci Jennifer !

The routes of the tours :


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