Curt and Liz – The “Bourse de Paris”

9:12 AM – Curt and Liz are regular runners who live near Boston (USA). We left the Opera to make a big visit, more than 10 miles (16 km) to discover Paris center, on the Right bank side (a good training for the half marathon Curt prepares).

Not far from the Opera, we found the “Bourse de Paris”. Ordered by Napoleon the 1st and created by Alexandre Théodore Brongniart, the building called Palais Brongniart (Brongniart Palace), served for a long time as stock exchange, the Paris Stock Exchange, before the transactions were dematerialized since the 1980s.

Now everything is computerized!
The “Bourse de Paris” serves now as a conference, receptions, fashion shows, showroom or exhibitions center.

Later, we crossed “Le Marais” quarter (Marais=swamp), very quiet on this Sunday morning. No cars! The street belongs to the runners!

Curt and Liz – The Marais

Sunday morning, ideal moment to run in Paris! How many discoveries by running, the old Paris, the modern Paris, the fashion shops, the museums, the passages…

The Marais, the “Passage des Panoramas”, The “Pont des Arts”, The Pyramide of the Louvre
The first shop of a very fashionable shoes 
manufacturer, The Louvre, The river Seine

On our way, a couple of tourists asked Liz to photograph them. It fell well, Liz is, among others, a professional photographer!

Liz – Louvre and the Arc of the Carousel

Merci Liz ! Merci Curt !

The route of the tour :

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