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Running Understanding Having fun with Paris Running Tours. School Girls Cross Country running team here with our guides Sylvain and Jean-Charles

At Paris Running Tours, we love to run in Paris with the runners of the entire world. RUNNING in Paris with our guides, it is not simply running, it is also discovering how Paris is designed, how Paris became this great capital, it is discovering many aspects of Paris and how the different sites and locations are linked to each other, in a word… it’s UNDERSTANDING the city. Running, understanding, learning while running, it’s HAVING FUN. The miles go fast, your mind kept alive, “listening” to the city.

At Paris Running Tours, we do private tours, specially prepared for you. This time, we had the pleasure to welcome a team of thirty young and fast american runners with their coaches. RUNNING, DISCOVERY and FUN were there.

Let’s speak their team leader, LeRoy (review  published in TripAdvisor):
We brought our high school girls cross country team to France for training, ending our last day with a Paris Running Tour guided run. If you want to measure the quality of a program, stress it to the max, and we did. We were 33 runners, and yet Jean-Charles and Sylvain guided us seamlessly and safely through the City.
[…] Throughout the event, Jean-Charles and Sylvain pointed out minute details about Paris that we never would have seen from a tour bus.
Most importantly, they did a great job keeping us interested. I would highly recommend these guys.”



Running along the river Seine


Courir au Pont Neuf

Running on the Pont Neuf


Courir sur les quais de Seine

Running on the bank of the river Seine


Courir devant la Pyramide du Louvre

Running  in front of the Pyramid of the Louvre


Point particulier

But… what is so special in this precise spot?


Hôtel de Salm

What are the different connections between this old private noble mansion and the United States? And what is the relation with Thomas Jefferson of which the statue is nearby?


En face de la Conciergerie

What’s happening in front of the “Conciergerie”?


Point Zéro des Routes de France

In front of Notre Dame, we can find the Point Zero of the road of France, it’s well known, but this location is also the place of very unique stories…


Parlons des Cloches

Let’s talk about the bells!


Une entrée de Paris

One entrance of the City of Paris…


Contraste et modernité

Contrast and modernity – To which ballet refers this big “bird”?



Click on the pictures to enlarge them

PRT2017-08-11_01_PontSaintLouis PRT2017-08-11_04_NotreDameDeParis PRT2017-08-11_05_PontDesArts PRT2017-08-11_32_PontAlexandreIII PRT2017-08-11_38_PlaceDeLaConcorde PRT2017-08-11_39_Louvre PRT2017-08-11_65_LesHallesLEcoute

A big thank to LeRoy and the whole team!


If you too, you come to Paris, we will be very happy to run with you. Join us and discover Paris with authentic Parisians guides who always have tons of secrets to share with you:

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