Marnie – “Pont Louis-Philippe”, on the left, “Ile St-Louis”, in the background, “Ile de La Cité” and Notre-Dame

5:52 AM – Marnie lives in Singapore. After having run several half marathons, Marnie prepares a marathon she will run this autumn. How to prepare a marathon while visiting Paris? A long tour with Paris Running Tour! Ideal to discover the city while doing our training.
We thus traveled on a circuit of more than 18 km kilometers, with an amazing Parisian landscape parading under our eyes.

We discovered a totally deserted Paris, embellished by the magnificent light of the rising sun.

Deserted Paris? A start before 6 am + on Sunday + August! 
The Parisians went on holiday, tourists still sleeping, well parked cars. Paris only for us!

Look on how the “Place de la Concorde” is deserted and beautiful in all the splendor of this summer morning:

Marnie – “Place de la Concorde”

Nobody in front of the “Palais de Justice” either… The Sainte Chapelle and Conciergerie, which surround it, are still in the quiet before the arrival of the visitors during the day.

Marnie – The “Palais de Justice” of Paris, on the left, the “Sainte Chapelle”, on the right, the “Conciergerie”

We ran along the river Seine which we crossed several times to benefit from beautiful points of view on Paris:

Marnie – “Pont Neuf”, in the background, the “pont des Arts”


Marnie – Footbridge Senghor, on the left, the Louvre, on the right the “Musée d’Orsay”, in the background, Notre Dame

On the new banks of Paris, we made a little sprint to test the new new athletic track of one hundred meters:

Marnie – New banks of Paris, athletic track of 100 meters

Souvenir photo on the Esplanade of the Trocadéro, the best point of view to see the Eiffel Tower:

Paris Running Tour – Marnie – The Eiffel tower – On the left, the dome of the Invalides

Merci Marnie !

The route of the tour:


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