Arc du Carrousel - Le Marais

Helen and Mike – “Arc du Carrousel” / Catherine – An historic street in “Le Marais”

Here is a question that is often put to us: “I would like to see monuments and sites very well known in Paris but also places less touristic … What am I going to visit with Paris Running Tours ?”
Of course, during the run, our guides will make you discover the iconic sites of Paris (with total peace of mind, before the crowd). However, during the same run, our guides, authentic Parisians, will take you to other magnificent places less known and rarely visited by tour operators, AirBnB tours, large groups or standardized tours.
We take time before the run to prepare your custom-made tour: you will understand Paris in a unique way. Running allows us to grasp many aspects of Paris, and to discover alternatively the prestigious monuments and also places less known sites by the general public but equally exciting. At Paris Running Tours we know how to lead you there 😉
Here is a panel (a quite small sample) of what you can visit with Paris Running Tours (click on the picture to enlarge them):


Pyramide du Louvre

Catherine – Pyramide du Louvre – The superbe Pyramid of the Louvre (Before the crowd…)


Latin Quarter

Kristine – A street of the Latin Quarter which comes to us directly from the 17th century


Notre Dame de Paris

Chrissann and Michael – “Notre Dame de Paris” from the Left bank


Le Grand Rex

Nicole – “Le Grand Rex”. The Grand Rex, created in 1932, was one of the largest cinemas in the world. It can still accommodate more than 2500 people in the great hall. Behind the trees, you can see a large sign where “REX” is written. Originally, instead, this had to be a big screen with, projected from within, giant advertisements. Paris refused it for fear of having accidents caused by motorists distracted by this attraction…


Palais du Luxembourg

Nicole – “Jardin du Luxembourg”, in the back, the “Palais du Luxembourg”


Passage Choiseul

Kristine – “Passage Choiseul”, the longest covered passage of Paris



Melissa and Chris – “Abbaye de Cluny”. Splendid museum, the National Museum of Middle Age


Place de la République

Kristine – “Place de la République”


Place des Victoires

Melissa and Chris – “Place des Victoires”


Vue non habituelle de la Tour Eiffel

Nicole – Non usual view of the Eiffel tower


Statues de la Liberté à Paris

Nicole – Two Statues of Liberty in Paris (among others)


L'acteur Grec (Jardin du Luxembourg)

Kristine – The Greek actor (“Jardin du Luxembourg”)



Guignol! Guignol! Guignol! Generations of French children have acclaimed “Guignol”, this famous puppet of the city of Lyon. As a child, we loved Guignol, later we took our young kids there. Here, the “Jardin du Luxembourg” Puppet Theater (in the reflection Kristine and the guide, former amateur of Guignol!).


Galerie Vivienne

Melissa and Chris – Galerie Vivienne



Nicole – The street where the film INCEPTION was shot, where the city folds in two…


Shakespeare and Company

Kristine – Shakespeare and Company, the famous bookshop of English literature (recently extended with a Coffee Shop…)


Rue de Furstemberg

Nicole – The nice square of the Furstemberg Street


Thank you Helen and Mike from New Zealand, Catherine from Australia, Kristine from New-York, Chrissann and Michael from New-Jersey, Nicole from Australia, Melissa and Chris from Washington, who ran recently with us and all the other runners we are happy to welcome on our tours.
We love to share with you the beauty of the prestigious sites of Paris and the charm of other lesser known places… 😀


If you too, you come to Paris, we will be very happy to run with you. Join us and discover Paris with authentic Parisians guides who always have tons of secrets to share with you:

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