Melissa – Louvre

So many good times spent with our fellow runners from all over the world in 2017. Even though we have many tours in this month of December, we take a little time at this end of the year to share some of the good memories that each tour gives us: three end of the year articles evoke some of these moments. The photos speak for themselves (with some text to comment on).
Here, at the end of August, a few strides of the visit with Melissa and Chris from Washington DC (Thanks Chris for the pictures!).


Melissa – “Place de la Concorde”



Descent towards the banks (until 2013, these banks were reserved for cars, they are now permanently reserved for pedestrians, cyclists and make runners happy)



Visible from these banks, a quadrige emerges from the foliage, “L’immortalité devançant le temps” / “Immortality before time”.”

More simple, a little character awaits us when we return to the hotel:

020_BL_StatueHotelK&K (1)

Merci Chris ! Merci Melissa !


Small  transit by the metro!


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