Heidi, Angela, Nicole and Katherine – “Place de la Concorde”

This last article in the serie reminds us some of the tours done end of 2017. Difficult to choose, we love all the tours we do with the runners who come to follow us.
Here, we recall the tours made with Heidi, Angela, Nicole and Katherine from New York, end of September, with Sarah from England, beginning of October, with Alicia and Brooke from California and very recently, in the cold of December, with Jessica from Connecticut.
Photos remind us of these good times. Photos and also some little curiosities…


Angela, Heidi, Nicole and Katherine – A nice place for running, the gardens of the Champs Elysées



At “Le Procope”, the oldest literary café in the world, what do we do, like Voltaire, Condorcet, Diderot and others? We philosophize!


On the way, some very Parisian surprises (our guides will explain to you all these curiosities which mark out our routes):


But why was the old street name inscription shortened?



Goats to mow the sloping lawn? What is this Parisian garden?



No, no, the image is not inverted. On the grid of this lantern, Napoleon III’s “N” are placed upside down. But why is that?



A beautiful representation of the Paris coat of arms, the boat, the walls, the colours, the motto, the medals.



Our runners from New York recommend these Paris Running Tours 😉 Read their Tripadvisor review here: Merci Angela, Katherine, Nicole and Heidi!


Sarah ran with us four times. It is always with a renewed pleasure that we share new aspects of Paris with this experienced runner:


Sarah and the famous Baron who changed all of Paris in the 19th century, here in the middle of the boulevard that has his name.



Two famous mills. Which one was really used for grinding and crushing?



One of the many magnificent covered Parisian passages – Merci Sarah !


At the beginning of November, we had the joy of running with Alicia and her daughter Brooke who came to join us a second time:


Alicia and Brooke – “Porte Saint Denis” – one of the four Arcs of Triumph in Paris



Brooke and Alicia – In one of the beautiful Parisian passages.



The splendid facade of the new Louis Vuitton building in the heart of Paris. Merci Alicia, merci Brooke !


More recently, we welcomed Jessica. The cold of December does not scare the runners:


Jessica – A better known Arc, the Arc du Carrousel – Look at the quadrige at the top…



… look familiar, this quadrige? Yes, you can see the original in a very famous city in Europe… A copy has indeed replaced the original statue stolen and returned…



The Panthéon – Merci Jessica !


If you too, you come to Paris, we will be very happy to run with you. Join us and discover Paris with authentic Parisians guides who always have tons of secrets to share with you. Enjoy an original private tour, tailor-made for you:

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