Paris Half Marathon 1998

  • 5 March 1998 — 10 h 00

  • 21,1 km - 13.1 Mi
  • 10 062 finishers
The "steep" return to Charléty Stadium

The “steep” return to Charléty Stadium

Souvenirs, souvenirs…
In 1998, the race started from the Charléty stadium, traversed the streets of the 13th arrondissement, along the aerial metro, passed at the foot of the “Grande Bibliothèque Nationale de France” (France National Library), crossed the Seine river to reach the right bank to go then into the Bois de Vincennes, returned again to the left bank by the “boulevards des Maréchaux” with the beautiful climbing Boulevard Masséna to finish in sprint (if one could) on the nice track of the Charléty stadium.
The long false flat of the current route (2017…) is not much compared to this beautiful last climb…

Women : 1 LOROUPE Tegla – Kenya, 2 TECUTA Alina – Romania
Men : 1 KIPSANG John – Kenya, 2 RUTO Paul – Kenya
names that were often heard.

Registration form (cover and last page)

Registration form (cover and last page)

The little man here in pink served as a mascot for the half-marathon in Paris a few years ago. He is also in the effigy of medals awarded for this race.
Notice the inscription 3615. Yes, we could sign up through the French Minitel. No, that was not yet the instantaneousness of chips and Internet. It was also through the Minitel that we could find the results (but we had to wait…). Finally, it was already an improvement compared to the period before when we discovered the results posted in town halls or in newspapers…

And yes, our national “garçon de café”, André, was already running the Parisian competitions:

The "garçon de café", André (who hasn't changed!)

The “garçon de café”, André (who hasn’t changed!)

The bibs were huge:

Bib for the 1998 Paris half-marathon

Bib for the 1998 Paris half-marathon

1998…2018… more than 20 years!


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