Amy – Pont du Carrousel (Bridge of the Carrousel)

7:03 AM – Amy, from Florida, chose to make an early morning Paris Running Tour in this beautiful day of March 9th. The light was magnificent, giving a beautiful pink aspect to the landscape. At this hour, on Sunday morning, nobody in streets, very few cars, Paris for us alone and some other morning runners.

Look at the first picture above, from the “Pont du Carousel”, look at the pink gradation which goes with the sunrise and shines on the river Seine and the buildings of the Louvre.

Admire the sight from the “Pont de la Concorde”, on the east side:

Amy – Pont de la Concorde – In the background, from left to right : the Tuileries, the Sainte-Chapelle,
Notre-Dame, the Institute of France and the “Musée d’Orsay”

then, on the west side :

Amy – Pont de la Concorde – In the background, a big iron tower ;), the new banks
and the “Pont Alexandre III”

On Sunday morning, we can even stop in the middle of the road in front of the Champs-Elysées to take a photo without being afraid of cars:

Amy – “Place de la Concorde” – The Champs-Elysées, in the background, the “Arc de Triomphe”
and far, the “Grande Arche” of “la Défense”

While going back to the east, we stop at the entrance of the garden of the Tuileries, to make a small salute to the “Statue of the Fame” which sounds the triumph of the sun in Paris!

Amy – Garden of the Tuileries with in the background, from left to right, the copy of the Statue of the Fame, the “Grand Palais”, the Obelisk of Louxor in the center of the “place de la Concorde”

A perfect weather, a beautiful light, ideal to run in Paris!

Merci Amy !

The route of the tour:


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