Meredith and John in front of the gardens of the Élysée Palace, residence of the President of the Republic.
To see the main entrance, on the other side, you can click here

9:07 AM – Meredith and John come from the East coast of the United States (Washington, New York) and are in Paris for a cultural and very sports visit.
This Monday, March 4th, we combined a tourist stroll and and “recovery jogging”. Indeed, Meredith ran the day before, the Paris half marathon by establishing a new personal record on the distance. Bravo Meredith!

More than 30000 participants at the 2013 Paris Half-marathon! The start.
With a close look, you will see 2 Paris Running Tour 
guides in the foreground, orange and (Paris Running Tourgreen T-shirts

That is thus, quietly, that we crossed Paris and took advantage of the beautiful morning, second brightened up morning after a very cold and dark winter.

Meredith and John – Garden of the Tuileries – On the historical axis: far off the Obelisk of the place de la Concorde and the Arc of Triumph at the end of Champs-Elysées

On the photo above, we see clearly the “pyramidion” (pyramid cover cap) at the top of the Obelisk, its gold cover shines as in the time of antique Egypt.
Did you also know that the Obelisk of “Place de la Concorde” represented the gnomon (the needle) of a gigantic sundial? Had you noticed these marks on the ground?

A gigantic sundial (1999) “place de la Concorde” – Click on the picture to see the details!
The hour calculation is not as simple (duration of the day, etc.)

By continuing our running, we returned on the historic axis, with in its beginning, the Louvre:

Meredith and John – The pyramid of the Louvre

It is in this way that we admired the oldest monument of Paris, the obelisk of Concorde (13è century BC) and one of the most modern, the Louvre Pyramid (inaugurated in 1989)!

Merci Meredith, merci John!

The route of the tour:


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