Magdalena – “Lac Inférieur” of the “Bois de Boulogne” – Close to Kilometer 41 (mile 25.8)

9:31 AM – Magdalena, who lives in Poland, prepares the 2013 Paris marathon. It will be her second marathon after the one of Warsaw. We thus chose to follow beautiful portions of the Paris Marathon route by running about 20 kilometers (12.7 miles).

We joined at first the magnificent Wood of Boulogne, awaiting the arrival of spring. 
It is in this wood that are located the last six kilometers of the marathon. For example, very close to the big lake, is the kilometer 41, an important passage!

Out of the wood, at the beginning of the avenue Foch, we reach the kilometer 42 of which you can see the track registered on the ground in the photo below (track of the 2012 Paris marathon – find the very fresh mark in this other article of April 2012). The 2013 road markings are soon going to appear…

Magdalena – Avenue Foch – Kilomètre 42, à 195 mètres de l’arrivée !

Kilometer 42, only 195 meters to go, Rich in sensations and feelings…
Before the “Arc de Triomphe”, is the “triumphant” arrival (we can see the location of the arrival on the photo above, at the green light – click on the picture for a larger view).

We then stroll up the avenue Foch to find the Champs-Elysées, located on one of the branches of  “the Star”, center of which is the Arc de Triomphe (“Place de l’Etoile”=”Place of the star”).
The Paris Marathon starts in the middle of the Champs-Elysées. What a magnificent place to begin a marathon! (See a photo of the start in this other article.)

Magdalena – Place de la Concorde – Having left the Kilometer 1 on the Champs-Elysées

Champs-Elysées, “place de la Concorde”, the street of Rivoli, the Bastille, the Wood of Vincennes and its magnificent castle, the splendid banks of the Seine, the Wood of Boulogne and the grand finish avenue Foch.  Aren’t you tempted by this route?

Route of the 2013 Paris Marathon

Merci Magdalena ! Good Paris marathon!

The route of the tour :


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