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It is always a great pleasure to run on the Parisian roadway freed of cars, to be able to run on the avenue of the Opera or at the foot of the Eiffel Tower, to go down the Champs Elysées running the first kilometer of the marathon…
As every year now, we propose the 2014 list of the Parisian competitions, all those which take place in Paris.
Some explanations:
. For each competition of the list, you will find icons on which you can click to obtain either links on sites relative to the race, or the photos, or the movies or route of the race. Photos and movies date 2013 or previous years (on certain photos, you can recognize our Paris Running Tour runners). Thanks to the photographers and the film-makers!
. Some of the routes result from our GPS watches (less precise in the less wide streets).
. 10 km=6.376 mi, half-marathon 21.1 km=13.195 mi, marathon 42.195 km=26.2 mi
Here are samples of the icons on which you can click to see photos, movies, routes, web sites…
Icon to go on the site of the race’s organizer
Icon to go on the Top Chrono site to register on the race or see the results, etc.
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Icon to see a representation of the route of the race (drawn or GPS track)


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. Besides, “prt” means that the competition is a part of the Paris 10 km challenge
, challenge in which we participate (the Paris Running Tour challenge which tooks the same name as our sightjogging company!).

We wish you a very happy New Year and many beautiful competitions!

Sunday 19/1/14 – 9:30 AM – Les 10 km du 14è – 10 km prt
The first competition of the year which find the runners impatient to rerun after the holidays. A flat circuit convenient to the performance… 1148 finishers in 2013.
(“14è” means “quatorzième arrondissement” = Fourteenth arrondissement = 14th Paris administrative district)


  8 1 2

Sunday 26/1/14 – 9:30 AM – Les Foulées du 8è – 10 km prt
A little hilly race in the beautiful district of the 8th arrondissement with a start “Church” Saint-Augustin, passage in front of the Parc Monceau, strides avenue of Friedland with the Arc de Triomphe in sights and an arrival to the feet of Joan of Arc! Nearly 1200 finishers in 2013.
(“Les Foulées du 8è” means “the Strides of the 8th arrondissement”)


Saturday 15/2/14 – 10:30 AM – La Course de la Saint Valentin – 10 km prt
This year, the race will take place in the “parc de la Villette”, though we can expect a route more flat than the previous years (5 buckles in the hilly “parc des Buttes Chaumont”). Very good atmosphere for this race organized by the Paris Front Runners. Diversity, tolerance and heat, in spite of the cold of February! 334 finishers in 2013.
(“La Course de la Saint Valentin” means the race of the Valentine Day)



Sunday 2/3/14 – 10:00 AM – Semi-Marathon de Paris – 21,1 km

The “SEMI-MARATHON de Paris”! International race. Half of a marathon to visit the East of Paris: Wood of Vincennes, Avenue Daumesnil, “Quai des Célestins”, “Hôtel de Ville”, Bastille, Faubourg Saint-Antoine… About 25,000 finishers.

Saturday 22/3/2014 – 2:00 PM – Foulées du Tertre – 10 km prt
A folk and “mountainous” race on the mound Montmartre. Route passing in front of the Sacred Heart and the “place du Tertre”, and through the sloping streets of the “commune” of Montmartre. All this in the middle of the afternoon and tourists! 598 finishers in 2013.

12345 1 2 1 2

Sunday 6/4/2014 – 8:45 AM – Le Marathon de Paris – 42,195 km

The MARATHON OF PARIS! The event of the year for many runners. A beautiful visit of the capital! Go down the “Champs Elysées” (Careful, not too fast, it is only the beginning), cross the “place de la Concorde”, go along street of Rivoli and pass in front of the “Palais Royal” and the Louvre, greet the Genius of the Bastille, join the Castle and the Wood of Vincennes, return and join the West by way of the river Seine banks and admire the Conciergerie, then the Eiffel Tower, join Roland Garros’ courts, discover the very green Wood of Boulogne and cross the finishing line on the avenue Foch with the Arc de Triomphe in front of you! Phew! What a beautiful stroll! 38 690 finishers in 2013. Bibs for 2014 = 46,000 ! Among the elite, Kenenisa Bekele, 5 000 m and 10 000 m world champion, who will run in Paris his first marathon.

12345678 1 2 3 4

Sunday 27/4/2014 – 10:00 AM – 10km du Bois de Boulogne – 10 km prt
After the Paris marathon, back to the “Bois de Boulogne” (wood of Boulogne) for a flat 10K in the middle of the greenery (able to do some performances only three weeks after the marathon?). 3047 finishers in 2013


Sunday 11/5/2014 – 9:30 AM – 10:30 AM – Courir ensemble – 5 km & 10 km prt
Everything is in the title: “Run together”, valid and disabled. A very good atmosphere. Event organized by Handicap International. Among the numerous proposed races, a flat 10K, again in the Wood of Boulogne, magnificent in May! 1133 finishers for the 10K in 2013.

1 2

Sunday 1/6/20147 – 9:00 AM – Les 10 km du 19è – 10 km prt
A beautiful “arrondissement” race. Even if it is hilly because of the passage by the Buttes Chaumont, it is a very competitive race. It is a pity this year, it happens at the same day as the “Courir Ensemble” 10K. How to choose? 779 finishers in 2013.


Sunday 15/6/2014 – 10:00 AM – 10 km L’Équipe – 10 km

Race organized by ASO who also manages half marathon and marathon of Paris. Under the banner of the sports newspaper “L’Equipe”. Route running in the beautiful places, the avenues and the boulevards of the east of Paris. 13 924 finishers in 2013.

1 2

Sunday 22/6/2014 – 9:45 AM – Les Foulées du 12è – 10 km prt
In June and in July, it is, this time, in the other Wood of Paris that take place the competitions: the race of the Castle, the “foulées du 12ème” as well as the “Foulées France des Iles” take place in the very beautiful Wood of Vincennes. This race takes place in the Wood of Vincennes and ends in a place formerly famous, the stadium of the Cipale velodrome. It was of use to the Olympics of 1900 and 1924 as well as to the Tour de France from 1967 till 1974. This 10 km refreshes the stadium with beautiful performances. 829 finishers in 2013.


Sunday 29/6/2014 – 10:00 AM – La Course du Château de Vincennes – 10 km prt
The “Course du Château” starts and returns to the magnificent Castle of Vincennes, with arrival in the Castle on a red carpet! Route flat and convenient to the performance. 3634 finishers in 2013.


Sunday 6/7/2014 – 9:00 AM – 10:00 AM – Foulées France des Iles – 5 km & 10 km prt
It is summer! With these Strides, find the festive atmosphere of French Antilles (Punch on arrival!). In spite of the heat of July, Wood of Vincennes shaded paths as well as a flat route allow a good speed. 1270 finishers for the 10 km in 2013.

12 1 2 3

Sunday 14/9/2014 – 9:45 AM – La Parisienne – 6,7 km

It became a very classical race, “The Parisian (Lady)”, a race exclusively reserved for the women, a beautiful feast around the Eiffel Tower. 35 183 ladies in 2013.

Sunday 28/9/2014 – 9:00 AM – Les courses du Luxembourg – 10 km prt
Quartier Latin, Saint-Germain district near the “Jardin du Luxembourg”. A nice route around the Jardin du Luxembourg. 1005 finishers in 2013.

Sunday 28/9/2014 – 10:00 AM – Paris-Versailles – 16 km

One of the most famous races. Start at the Eiffel Tower and arrival in front of the Palace of Versailles with in the middle, the famous “Côte des gardes”: going up hill for about 2 km… 21 565 finishers in 2013.

Sunday 5/10/2014 – 10:00 AM – Les 10 km Paris Centre – 10 km prt
Magnificent race in particular for the places which it crosses. Start avenue of the Opera, with the beautiful Garnier Opera in front of the Start, crossing street of Rivoli, in front of the Bourse (former stock exchange building), Place Vendôme and the arrival, Palais Royal place in front of the Louvre. Flat route. 5673 finishers in 2013.

1 2

Sunday 12/10/2014 – 10:00 AM – Les 20 km de Paris – 20 km

Another big international race. Start on the bridge of Iéna in front of the Eiffel Tower, to begin: a small ascent to the Trocadéro, after, running in the Wood of Boulogne and then the right bank of the Seine up to the “Pont Royal” (Royal bridge) and return left bank to the finish at the Eiffel Tower. 23 865 finishers in 2013


Sunday 19/10/2014 – 9:30 AM – La corrida du 15è (Corrida=race) – 10 km prt
Another nice “arrondissement” race. A very flat 10K. 1050 finishers in 2013.

Sunday 16/11/2014 – 9:00 AM – Les 10 km du 9è – 10 km prt
A race with some up-hill parts (street of Clichy, street of the Martyrs), passage in front of “Notre-Dame de Lorette” Church, the “Trinité” Church and at the heart of little Parisian streets of the 9th arrondissement. 635 finishers in 2013.

Sunday 23/11/2014 – 10:15 AM – Les boucles du 17è – 10 km prt
A race to explore the streets of the 17th arrondissement of Paris. A not really flat 10K but all the same competitive. 1268 finishers in 2013.

Sunday 23/3/2014 – 10:00 AM – Les Foulées de l’Assurance – 10 km
Saturday 29 et Sunday 30/3/2014 – – Eco-trail de Paris (St-Quentin-en-Yvelines => Tour Eiffel) – 18 km, 30 km, 50 km, 80 km
Sunday 4/5/2014 – 10:30 AM – Les foulées de l’hôpital Saint-Louis – 4 & 8 km
Sunday 11/5/2014 – 9:15 AM – Les 10 km de l’Arnogend – 10 km
Sunday 18/5/2014 – 9:30 AM – La Pyréenne du 20è – 10 km
Sunday 18/5/2014 – 8:00 AM – Paris Saint-Germain La Course – 20 km
Sunday 22/6/2014 – 9:00 AM – La Soli’run – 6 km & 10 km
Sunday 21/9/2014 – 9:15 AM – Les chasseurs de temps – 7, 17 & 21,1 km
Sunday 28/9/2013 – 9:45 AM – La course du dodo – 6,5 km
Sunday 28/9/2013 – 9:15 AM – 9:30 AM – La course du souffle – 5 km & 10 km
Sunday 5/10/2014 – 9:15 AM – Odyssea – 10 km
Sunday 19/10/2014 – 11:00 AM – Les foulées de la Solidarité – 10 km
Sunday 26/10/2014 – 10:00 AM – Semi-marathon de Vincennes et des bords de Marne – 21,1 km
Sunday 2/11/2014 – ? – L’Ekiden de Paris – 42,195 km
Tuesday 11/11/2014 – 10:00 AM – Les Bacchantes – 8 km
Sunday 7/12/2014 – 10:30 AM – La Piedthone – 10 km
Sunday 14/12/2014 – 8:30 AM – Courir pour le plaisir – 10 km

If you want to make a competition in Paris and if you reserve a tour with us, tell us and we can show you the route and help you to prepare the race (the Paris Marathon, for example). Need advice for these races? Ask us! Of course, if you do not want to participate in a competition and want to enjoy completely a touristic jogging, we are there.
We like the competition and running but we like Paris just as much!

Doing competitions, workouts, touristic jogging (with us 😉 ), trail or even on treadmills, whatever, we wish you to take a lot of pleasure by running! Happy new year! Enjoy 2014!

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