Marnie – Tour Eiffel – Notre Dame de Paris

7:31 AM –  It is with a good pace that we went through the banks of the Seine with Marnie, who lives in Washington (USA) and who did several marathons (including Boston). We ran westward to take advantage of the morning sight on the Eiffel Tower: nobody on the esplanade of the Trocadéro early in the morning! We then followed the Seine to join Notre-Dame, also for us only.

With no more difficulties, we finished our tour running by the Louvre.

Marnie – Le Louvre

What a pleasure to run in Paris while ways are clear!

The Louvre has a long history: it was at first a watchtower used by the Franks to attack the island of “la cité” in the 5th century, later the fort created by king Philippe Auguste in the 12th century, then the luxurious Royal residence and finally the public museum decided by the Revolution. 

Every period made its contribution to the construction and to the extensions of the Louvre, the quite last creation being the Louvre Pyramid of the architect Ming Pei in 1983 (Pyramid which replaced bushes and parking lot then in the center of the Louvre). We can admire numerous details of the facades of the Louvre and sometimes original ornaments as this small locomotive for example:

Le Louvre

Yes, this part was created during the extension of the railroad in the 19th century! 

Merci Marnie !

The route of the tour :

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