Felicity – The Louvre and the garden of the Tuileries
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7:58 AM –  With Felicity from Melbourne (Australia), we rediscovered the city at a good pace while admiring tracks left by the history on the scene, monuments and buildings of Paris.
We crossed The Louvre which made us go back up to 16th century, period when the king François the 1st replaced the ancient fortress by a luxurious residence. Since, during the centuries, the Louvre grew rich of numerous extensions.

Of the Louvre, we went through the Garden of the Tuileries, Italian-style garden, begun in the same period by Catherine de Medici. It is an ideal place to run.
Look at these trees sized as balls on the photo above. Their shape is created by a probably old technique and still used, as we can see here: 

We then ran on the Alexandre III bridge, who sent us in 1900, year of its creation:

Alexandre III bridge
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Back in the past, at first in Notre-Dame, the construction of which begins in 1163,

Notre Dame (and its new Christmas tree)
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then in “Le Marais” district, where we found the most ancient houses of Paris, two medieval “buildings”, doubtless built in the XIVth century and having undergone some renovations (originally, they probably had to possess corbelled constructions as many houses of the Middle Ages):

François Miron street
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Merci Felicity !

The route of the tour :

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