Pyramide du Louvre – Nigel, Karen and Jean-Charles

8:06 AM – With Karen and Nigel from UK, we started from the Opera District to go along the river. Karen and Nigel finished with success the Brighton half-marathon one week ago. We ran at a good pace though, with no consideration for the little rain we had in Paris this morning.
The route we took allowed us to notice that many Parisian places share classicism and modernity with harmony. For instance, in the Louvre district, we appreciated how the pyramid of the Louvre was designed to respect the environment of the surrounding classic buildings.

Not so far, in the Palais Royal, we saw the Columns of Buren, another example of modern art integrating a classical environment (there was a strong controversy at the time of its creation but, in Paris Running Tour, we like this combination…)
Going through a passage in the Louvre to go to the Palais Royal, we had the opportunity to see rooms of the Louvre presenting another mix of modern art and classic art: the temporary exhibition of Tony Cragg, who had juxtaposed his modern sculptures to the classic ones.
Merci Karen and Nigel!

“Red figure” – Tony Cragg -2008 (on the right 😉

The route of the tour: 


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