Happy new year to you all! A new year to compete in Paris!
Here is below the list of nearly all the running races inside Paris with the web site(s) links, photos, routes and our comments.
In Paris Running Tours, we have been running them all since a long time (and will continue this year). Hope we will see you with us.
Some explanations: * means that the race is one of the annual 10K challenge of Paris (guess what, the 10K Paris challenge is also called Paris Running Tour challenge, like us but without “s”!). The web sites are often in French (but we can help you if you ask). The photos and the routes are mainly from 2010 (on some of the photos, you can recognize some of our coaches). Sometimes the routes have been captured by the GPS watch of our runners (not so accurate in narrow streets…)

23/1/2011 – 10 km du 14eme* (10Km/6.22mi) – Site – Other link – Photos 1 Photos 2 – Route
A 10 km dedicated to performance, relatively flat, near Montparnasse. The first race of the year in Paris. About 1300 runners. (14eme means 14th arrondissement -district- of Paris)

30/1/2011 – Foulees du 8eme* (10Km/6.22mi) – Site – Other link – Photos – Route
A not so flat 10 km in a chic district, the route includes the Parc Monceau. More than 800 runners.


12/2/2011 – La course de la Saint-Valentin* (10Km/6.22mi) – Site – Other link – Photos  – Route

A very hilly race, 5 loops into the beautiful Buttes Chaumont Park (Butte means hill!). Funny race dedicated to diversity. About 200 runners.

6/3/2011 – Semi-Marathon de Paris (21.09Km/13.11mi) – Site – Photos – Route
The Half-Marathon of Paris! Very well known. Route in Bois de Vincennes and East of Paris. About 20000 runners.

26/3/2011 – Foulées du Tertre * (10Km/6.22mi) – Site – Photos – Route
Another very hilly race. In the heart of the Butte Montmartre, starting just behind the Sacré Cœur and near the Place du Tertre. Start in the middle of the tourists! More than 400 runners.

10/4/2011 – Marathon de Paris (42.195Km/26.22mi) – Site – Photos – Route
The Marathon of Paris! One of the best and nicest. Crosses many of the famous places of Paris. Start at the Champs Elysées! About 30000 runners.
1/5/2011 – 10 km Planet Jogging * (10Km/6.22mi) – Site – Other link – Photos – Route
A flat and green 10 km in the Bois de Boulogne (to rediscover your legs after the Paris Marathon!). About 2000 runners.
15/5/2011 – Courir Ensemble – Handicap International * (10Km/6.22mi) Site – Route

Another nice race in the Bois de Boulogne, organised by Handicap International, regrouping valid and handicaped runners running all together. About 900 runners on the 10K.

22/5/2011 – 10 km du 19ème * (10Km/6.22mi) – Site – Photos – Route
Another hilly race, 2 loops including the Buttes Chaumont Park in the route. A very competitive race although. About 800 runners.

12/6/2011 – La Course du Château de Vincennes * (10Km/6.22mi) – Site (2010) – Photos – Route
A flat and green 10 km in the Bois de Vincennes finishing inside the Castle of Vincennes with a red carpet! About 3200 runners.
19/6/2011 – 10 km du 12ème * (10Km/6.22mi) – Site – Photos – Route
Another flat and green 10 km in the Bois de Vincennes finishing on a bicycle track. About 600 runners.
26/6/2011 – 10 km du 10ème * (10Km/6.22mi) – Site (2010) – Photos – Route
A not so flat 10 km around the Canal Saint-Martin (you have to cross a pedestrian bridge two times). More than 800 runners.

3/7/2011 – La France des Iles * (10Km/6.22mi) – Site (2010) – Other link (2010) – Photos – Route
A flat and green 10 km in the Bois de Vincennes in the festive mood of the french caribean islands. More than 800 runners.
11/9/2011 – La Parisienne (6Km/3.73mi) – Site – Photos – Route (click on “Parcours”) 
An exclusively feminin race around the Eiffel tower. About 18000 runners for a 6 km race. A big fête!
25/9/2011 – Paris-Versailles (16Km/9.94mi) – Site – Video – Route
One of the most famous races in France starting at the Eiffel tower and finishing at the Château de Versailles (with some slopes in the route…) About 19000 runners.

2/10/2011 – 10 km Paris Centre * (10Km/6.22mi) – Site – Other link (in this blog) – Photos – Route
The most touristic 10 km race in Paris, starting with the Opera in front of you, finishing at the Louvre. About 2500 runners.
9/10/2011 – 20 km de Paris (20Km/12.43mi) – Site – Other link (in this blog) – Photos – Route
Another very famous race in France starting and finishing at the Eiffel tower. About 22000 runners.
23/10/2011 – Corrida du 15ème * (10Km/6.22mi) – Site (2010) – Route
A nice little competition in the 15ème arrondissement, very flat, good for performance. About 700 runners.
13/11/2011 – 10 km du 9ème * (10Km/6.22mi) – Site (2010) – Photos – Route
A somehow hilly 10 km in the district of the Grands Magasins. About 500 runners.
20/11/2011 – 10 km du 17ème * (10Km/6.22mi) – Site (2010) – Photos – Route
A not so flat but competitive 10 km in the 17ème arrondissement. More than 1100 runners.

If you want to compete in Paris and if you book a tour with us, tell us and we can show you the route and prepare the competition (the Paris marathon, for example). An advice on these races? Ask us!
Of course, if you do not want to compete in Paris and want to fully enjoy sight jogging, we are there for you. We love competition, running, but above all Paris!

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