On the Pont des Arts

 9:30 AM – With Lotte, from Brussels, Belgium, we did a two hours tour, having the opportunity to cross the river Seine six times to widely explore the left and right banks, running also on the two islands, starting near La Bastille going through the Luxembourg garden, crossing the Alma bridge far from La Bastille and coming back admiring many famous places (Champs Elysees, Opera, Notre Dame, Place des Vosges…)
Merci Lotte!

About the Seine, do you know how the Parisians measure the level of the Seine and the risk of flood?
They use the statue of the Zouave of the Pont de l’Alma as you can see in the picture below.

Le Zouave du Pont de l’Alma

Actually, the Zouave of the Alma bridge does not seriously serve to measure the flood level, the real scale is installed on the “pont de la tournelle”.
See also the Pont de l’Alma in 1910 (old one) with the flood:

1910 – The flood at the old Pont de l’Alma (from the left bank)

By the way, you can compare the present level in the picture of the Arts bridge above with Lotte and the same picture last August here (see the tunnel left bank).

The route of the tour (21 km/~13 miles):

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