Depuis le Pont Neuf, le square du Vert Galant inondé

From the “Pont Neuf” (Pont=Bridge), the flooded “Square du Vert Galant” (the benches are under the water) – In the back, on the right, the Louvre (the works of art usually stored in the basement have been placed under protection).

During our Paris running tour with Robin from Ohio, we discovered a Paris that is still as beautiful as ever, but surprising, with an amazing new landscape, the flooded river Seine.
This is not the first flood we are experiencing in Paris, remember the very recent flood of June 2016, which was only slightly higher than this one of January 2018. We talked about it during our visit of Paris with Molly and Saul. Small floods also appear from time to time, for example, here in 2013.

Together With Robin, we discussed the various aspects of this flood, the 100-year floods, the unusual extent of the Seine and its effects on banks, boats and even gardens, such as the almost totally submerged “Jardin du Vert Galant” (see photo above).
We also talked about our marathon experiences, Robin’s qualification for Boston, the Paris Marathon and the beauty of its route.

L'île de la Cité depuis le Pont des Arts

The “île de la Cité” (île=island) from the “Pont des Arts”, with, in the middle, the garden of the “Square du Vert Galant” immersed by the river.

Robin au Pont au Double

Robin at the “Pont au Double”, in the back, the “Petit Pont” (the “Little Bridge”, yes, that’s its name). On the left, the left bank (!), on the right, the “Ile de la Cité” with the imposing “Préfecture de Police de Paris” building.


Les salamandres Pont Alexandre III

The salamanders at the top of the ornaments surrounding the Alexandre III Bridge seem to be quite confused in front of so much water.

Salamandre au sec

Salamander, usually dry


Below, the famous unofficial indicator of the level of the Seine, the “Zouave du Pont de l’ Alma”, with the water up to mid-thigh. We had talked about it here (with the different levels of the Seine in relation to the statue…).

Le zouave du Pont de l'Alma - fin janvier 2018

The “zouave” of the “Pont de l’Alma” – end of January 2018


Our visit took us to the heights, less threatened by the flooding of the Seine, for example, the “Montagne Sainte-Geneviève”, at the top of which stands the Pantheon:

Montagne Sainte Geneviève

“Montagne Sainte Geneviève” – The “rue Soufflot” and the “Panthéon”


Faculté de Droit Paris

Law Faculty Paris

Facing the Pantheon, the Faculty of Law, which trains future jurists.
Merci beaucoup Robin !



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