Paris Marathon 2019

Paris Marathon 2018 - Mirror effect rue de Rivoli, a few kilometers after the start

Paris Marathon 2018 – Mirror effect rue de Rivoli, a few kilometers after the start

The marathon of the year! At least for me, a passionate Parisian 😉. This will be my 24th Paris Marathon, run continuously since 1996.

Rumours indicate that the route could be different this year (passage by the Opera?)… on the day we write these lines, the official route remains the one of 2018. New information should come…
Old route, new route, in any case, it will be a magnificent route, already with the start on the Champs Elysées which is magical. A guaranteed splendid stroll.

Update of March 14, 2019: yes, the route will be different this year. Remarkable new features: on the way, Place Vendôme and Opéra Garnier, an even more beautiful circuit!

Watch this video:


Few difficulties at the Paris marathon

Few difficulties at the Paris marathon, some paved sections like here, some small tunnels to climb and some soft slopes but overall, it is an easy marathon (compared to New York for example)

Previous Editions:
2018 edition – 1999 edition – 1997 edition – 1996 edition


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