Paris marathon 1997

  • 6 April 1997 — 9 h 00

  • 42,195 km - 26.2 Mi
  • 16211 finishers

The Champs Elysées congested but without cars – 21000 registered but 16211 finishers

My third marathon, my second in Paris. I pass under the three hours but 2h56 was not enough to obtain a preferential bib. At the time, a 2h56 allowed a good ranking and was worth a place in the first page of results.


1997 results – Our “garçon de café” André is always present

The Paris Marathon is won in 2h10. The world record at the time was 2h06, made in Rotterdam (all marathon runners went then to Rotterdam to beat their record, now, in the years 2010, we go to Berlin…)


Big bibs…

Previous Edition:

1996 edition



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