Kristyne – Jardin des Tuileries

7:37 AM – Kristyne from Montreal (Canada) knows Paris but had never visited the city while running until now. It is thus that we rediscovered about eleven Parisian kilometers. On our route, known ways but also some discoveries. Do you know, for example, that under the square of Notre-Dame is the Roman city (Gallo-roman) of Lutecia, that is to say the ruins of the ancient city?
Among these discoveries, regularly, Paris offers directly accessible artistic novelties. On our route, the two following temporary exhibitions provide good examples of it:

“Makom II”, of Michal Rovner, an artistic piece installed in the Louvre by Israeli and Palestinian workers
The statue of Condorcet surrounded by “Ahlala”, work of Daniel Hourdé

Merci Kristyne !

The route of the tour :

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