Hope de City Jogging Tour of London with Paris Running Tour – Louvre Pyramid

10:35 AM – Hope from London (United Kingdom) is the creator of City Jogging Tours of London, one of the first “Sightjogging Tours” in the world.

What is better than a visit of Paris while running to share our running tour guides experiences?

We thus left Montmartre to make a beautiful stroll…

Hope – Montmartre, in the background, the whole of Paris!

…by coming down to the South and by way of nice Parisian covered passages…

Hope – Passage Jouffroy – Galerie Vivienne

…by being amazed by the famous padlocks on the “Pont des Arts”, more and more numerous…

Hope – “Pont des Arts” – In the distance, the Orsay Museum and the Eiffel tower

…by making a break in the garden of the Tuileries…

Hope – Tuileries Garden

…by crossing the “Champs- Elysées”…

Hope – Champs Elysées – Far off, the Arc of Triumph

…to greet Winston Churchill…

Hope – Winston Churchill, near the “Petit Palais”

… And finally join the Eiffel Tower and the Ecole Militaire (Military school).

City Jogging Tours of London and Paris Running Tour

If you pass by London, go run a Jogging Tour with Hope and her team! A wonderful stroll in London!
One day, Paris will be happy to go running with London…
Merci Hope !

The route of the tour:


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