Lena – Place Dauphine

11:03 AM – Lena comes from Sweden. While running, we discovered a Paris colored by the spring.
Look at the photo above where the Place Dauphine shows proudly its chestnut trees in flower.
Created shortly after the “Place des Vosges” (at that time, Place Royale), the Place Dauphine owes its name to the son of king, the “Dauphin”, future Louis XIII, son of Henri IV whose we can see the statue on the west of the Place.
Beautiful small quiet square, opened on the Justice Palace, it was until 1874 a square closed by a third side of buildings. The Place was then a complete triangle.

Before and after

Here are the buildings which constituted the basis of the triangle:

Place Dauphine before 1874 – East side – No trees at the time!

Other beautiful trees and vegetables accompanied our route:

The oldest tree in Paris

Lena – Locust tree (Robinia pseudoacacia) planted in 1602 (Square René Viviani)

The plant wall which covers a part of the buildings of the Quai Branly Museum

Lena – Plant wall created in 2004 by Patrick Blanc (Administrative buildings of the Quai Branly Museum)

The trees which follow the new banks of the Seine

Lena – Banks of the river Seine (left bank) – In the background, the Eiffel Tower

Merci Lena !

The route of the tour :

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