Cori – Pont des Arts and Louvre

7:10 AM – Cori from New York City (USA), came to Paris for a short stay of three days. Cori however wished to make a long tour in Paris, in spite of the small drizzle we had this morning.
We thus made a long loop and crossed Paris since the Arc de Triomphe up to Notre-Dame by way of the Eiffel Tower. 

We placed our route under the sign of the French-American friendship by beginning the tour with the square of the United States in the 16th district of Paris. We can find a monument there dedicated to this good alliance. It calls back the support of France for the young America, a handshake between Lafayette and Washington :

Cori – Square of the United States

A little later, we discovered the Eiffel Tower, the head in clouds:

Cori – Tour Eiffel

Before following the Seine, in particular to cross the Pont des Arts, we met the Quai Branly Museum :

Cori – Quai Branly museum

The Quai Branly Museum, the museum of the Arts and Civilizations is very recent, it was opened in 2006.
Do those who made the race of the 20 km of Paris at the end of 1990s remember that the place was during a few years the place of withdrawal of the race bibs?


Merci Cori !

The route of the tour :

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