Bart – At the top of “La butte Montmartre”
7:27 AM – With Bart of Delft (Netherlands), we left the heights of the North of Paris to join the edges of the Seine. The departure was thus easy thanks to the long descent of the street of Amsterdam. Having joined the Opera, then the place Vendôme and after, the Champs Elysées, we took the left bank to follow the Seine. Returned by the “Pont des Arts” on the right bank, we ran northward to undertake our ascent towards Montmartre and reach our goal at the feet of the “Sacré-Coeur” church.
On our way back, we crossed galleries of the center of Paris, galleries which we also call the passages (Web page in French).
Below, on our route, the passage Verdeau:
Bart – Passage Verdeau
Merci Bart !
The route of the tour :

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