Laura – Notre-Dame

3:53 PM – Laura lives in Oklahoma where she is an active member of a group of runners, Runhers, who promotes a healthy and sports life, notably thanks to the running.

Program of this afternoon: a discovery of the Paris Left bank.

The University of “La Sorbonne”:

Laura – University of “la Sorbonne” – “Rue Saint-Jacques”
Discover a sight of Sorbonne and its history in this other article

The “rue du Cardinal Lemoine”, where we met the house of the Irish writer James Joyce:

Laura – “71 rue du Cardinal Lemoine”
James Joyce wrote his novel “Ulysses” here.
Not far, one of Ernest Hemingway’s houses (remember this article)

The beautiful “Place de la Contrescarpe”:

Laura – “Place de la Contrescarpe”

The “Jardin des Plantes”from where we can see the huge skeleton of a whale, behind the windows of the Gallery of Paleontology:

Laura – Gallery of Paleontology and Compared Anatomy of the National Natural History Museum

During our run, in the garden of Luxembourg, we crossed Geneviève, the Patroness of Paris:

Laura – “Sainte Geneviève” (see also this article)

Geneviève, daughter of a Frankish father and a Gallo-Roman mother, would have been a municipal member of the council of Paris.
According to the tradition, Geneviève, in the year 451, would have prevented Attila and his Huns from invading Paris by encouraging its inhabitants to the resistance.

Geneviève, model of courage and endurance for Laura who is successively going to run the Chicago marathon then the one of New York this fall.

Go Laura!

The route of the tour:

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