Cori – “Jardin des Plantes” (Garden of the Plantes)

8:05 AM – Do you remember Cori? We ran together in April 2012. It rained that time, which had not prevented us from making an attractive run in Paris

In this month of April 2015, the weather is beautiful and we can enjoy the sun. Although we pass again by the “Pont des Arts” (Bridge of Arts), we choose a very different route. Compare both views of the “Pont des Arts” in April, 2012 and April, 2015:
Cori – “Pont des Arts” – April 2012 and April 2015

Look at the sides of the “Pont des Arts”. We have already spoken a lot about the famous Padlocks of Love. In 2012, they are already present and begin to be many but not still in the point to make bend and fall the railings which carry them.

In 2015, the railings fell and were replaced many times: the padlocks placed on the railings, themselves covered by other padlocks, finished to be too heavy.

Paris decided to act: at first, the padlocks will be replaced in May by panels painted by artists then, in September, by transparent Plexiglas panels. Now, this April, it is temporary wooden panels which line the bridge (graffitis did not delay covering them).

For our new circuit in Paris, we favored parks and gardens. What a pleasure to run under the sun there. We discover:

The “Jardin du Luxembourg” and its magnificent “Fontaine Medicis” (Medici Fountain)

Cori – “La Fontaine Medicis”

“Les Arènes de Lutèce” (Arenas of Lutetia), with soccer players, gladiators having left for quite a long time 🙂

Cori – “Les Arènes de Lutèce”

“La Grande Serre du Jardin des Plantes” (the Great Greenhouse of the Garden of the Plantes) (go there, a real jungle in Paris!):

Cori – “La grande serre du Jardin des Plantes”


Merci Cori ! 

The route of the tour:


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