Rosalie – Medici Fountain – Luxembourg garden

9:04 AM – With Rosalie, who comes from the beautiful city of Quebec, we made two visits of Paris by running.

An important mist covered Paris the first day, making buildings and monuments hardly visible:

Rosalie – The dome of the Invalides can slightly be seen
Where are the towers of Notre-Dame, usually visible since the bank?
The Musée d’Orsay getting free of the mist (in the right of the photo)

And there, what is this monument which is in the background of the photo?

Yes!… The Eiffel Tower which we find a little farther, a little less veiled:

On our way, we admired a work of Dubuffet, installed for the occasion of the FIAC :

Rosalie – “Petit Palais” – Welcome Parade, of Jean Dubuffet – 2008

and a little bit further west, the beautiful Galliera palace, the Paris Museum of Fashion:

Rosalie – “Palais Galleria”

For our second run, the sky was a little more clear.
Our first strides led us near to the Pantheon, place “Sainte Geneviève”:

Rosalie – “Place du Panthéon” – The Panthéon. On the left, the “Sainte-Geneviève” library and in the background, the Saint-Étienne-du-Mont church.

We went to greet the oldest tree of Paris, a Black Locust tree planted in 1601 by the botanist Jean Robin (the tree is native of North America) :

Rosalie – “Square René Viviani”

After the Museum of Fashion, we went to see  the first shop of the famous shoes creator, Christian Louboutin (notice that the shop occupies the premises of a former printing office):

Rosalie – In front of the Christian Louboutin’s first shop, in the Véro Dodat gallery

Back on the Left bank, we ran on the old pavements of the “Cour du Commerce Saint André”, next to one of the oldest Cafés in Europe (1682): the Café Procope, just under Benjamin Franklin’s eyes who was one of the regular customers of the Café (we say that he would have written a part of the United States Constitution there):

Rosalie – “Cour du Commerce Saint André”

A kind newspaper seller was kind enough to take the last photo of our tour. Funny of to have the view of a newspaper seller inside his kiosk!

Rosalie, Paris Running Tour – Avenue of the Général Leclerc

Merci Rosalie !

The routes of the tours :

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