Alina – Running in the “Jardin des Plantes” (Garden of the Plants)

9:05 AM – Alina, from New York, in the midst of preparations for a marathon, wished to visit Paris but fully respecting her training plan. 
This day, a long run was planned: we ran 18 miles (29 kilometers)… Ideal to see Paris!

Paris is vast and rich in interesting places.
What do we see in Paris by running on a long distance?

Water: the Ourcq Canal, the Saint Martin Canalthe “Bassin de l’Arsenal”, the river Seine…

The river Seine

squares: the “Place de la République”, the Place des Vosges”, the Place de la Bastille”, the Place de la Contrescarpe”, the “Place de l’Alma”, the “Place de la Concorde”, …

“Place de la Concorde”

museums: the National Museum of Natural History, the Army Museum (Invalides), the Rodin Museum, the Guimet Museum, the Galleria Palace, the Palace of Tokyo, the Museum of Modern Art, the “Petit” and “Grand Palais”, the “Jeu de Paume”, the “Orangerie”, the Louvre, the Grévin Museum, the Orsay Museum…

bridges: the Bridge of Austerlitz, the Bridge of Carrousel, the Royal Bridge, the Bridge of “la Concorde”, the Alexandre III Bridge, the Bir Hakeim Bridge, the Bridge of “l’Alma”, the Bridge of Arts…

the “Pont des Arts” (in the background, the Museum of the Louvre)

famous boulevards and avenues, numerous statues, splendid monuments, secular churches, beautiful covered passages…

parks and gardens: the “Buttes Chaumont”, the garden of Luxembourg, the “Champ de Mars”, the gardens of the Trocadéro, the “cours de La Reine”, the garden of the Tuileries, the garden of the Plants where we greeted some animals:

Alina and the Stegosaurus of the garden of the Plants


Alina and the Mammoth of the garden of the Plants

and of course the “Tour Eiffel”!

Paris is beautiful and has so many amazing aspects!

Merci Alina !

The route of the big tour:

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