Manoella – “Pont des Arts” (“bridge of the Arts”), EST side. In the background, the “île de la Cité” (“Island of the City”)


Manoella – “Pont des Arts”, WEST side, in the background, the Orsay museum and the Eiffel tower

7:06 AM – Manoella, who lives in São Paulo (Brazil), came to stay some time in Paris. She will participate in a major event, the Paris Marathon! It will be her first marathon, we can appreciate this choice, what better than Paris? 😉

No unnecessary risks in 7 days of the marathon (April 7th, 2013 ), we ran quietly and took advantage of a route around the Latin Quarter, on the “Ile de la Cité” and also right bank: Louvre, Palais Royal,
Pompidou Center, the “Marais”.

Early on Sunday morning, very few people on the route, see how the Louvre is quiet :

Manoella - Pyramid of the Louvre

Manoella – Pyramid of the Louvre

The winter does not want to go and it is by the temperature of -2°C (28.4°F) that we ran . March 31st!
Well, this cold gave a beautiful particular luminosity to the city, we admired Notre-Dame nicely “colored” :

Manoella - Far off "Notre Dame de Paris"

Manoella – Far off “Notre Dame de Paris”

 Manoella, we wish you a magnificent first marathon in Paris!

Merci Manoella !

The route of the tour :


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