Jessica – Pont de la Concorde

7:03 AM – Taking advantage of a sunny morning, with Jessica of Los Angeles (USA), we crossed Paris from the “place de la Bastille” up to the “place de la Concorde”.
Did you know the anecdote which connects both places? Stones of the Bastille fortress destroyed by the revolutionaries served to build the Bridge of “La Concorde”. The Parisian could so walk on one of the strong Monarchy symbols!

Having passed the “place de la Bastille” where we discovered on the ground the tracks of the destroyed fort (at the end of the street Saint Antoine), we joined the City hall of Paris:

Jessica – L’Hôtel de Ville

It is the 1882 “version” of the “Hôtel de Ville” that we can contemplate, the previous one having been burned during the events of the “Commune” in 1871. 
On the photo, we can notice American and French flags, having been gathered here doubtless to honor the US National Day, the 4th of July.

A little farther, near “Les Halles”, we interrupted our running one moment to be able to appreciate the glass roof and the frescoes of the “Bourse du Commerce” ceiling. Former Corn Exchange where cereal were stored and sold, it is now occupied by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Paris, dedicated mainly to the creation of business companies:

La Bourse du Commerce – Paris

Our route then led us “place de la Concorde”. The preparations of the French National Day, on July 14th, are nearly finished. We can see on the photo the stand where will sit the President of the Republic and the government members, situated in front of the Champs Elysées where from the military parade will come down. Notice the roof in the colors of the French flag…

Jessica – Place de la Concorde

We ended our running in “Le Marais” district where we were able to admire the magnificent “Hôtel de Sens”:

Hôtel de Sens

Jessica is a regular runner, fond of healthy food but also a music composer and a singer : Raelux!

Merci Jessica !

The route of the tour :

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