10K of the 14th arrondissement 2020

Start of the 10 km of the 14th 2019

Start of the 10 km of the 14th “arrondissement” 2019, a little tight for many competitors, the peloton will quickly dilute however

“Les 10 Km du 14ème arrondissement*” (“14ème” means “quatorzième arrondissement” = Fourteenth arrondissement = 14th Paris administrative district)

First Parisian race of 2020! After the holidays, it is a good opportunity to rediscover your legs for a year full of beautiful competitions to come in Paris.
Not far from Montparnasse and Avenue du Maine, the route consists of two 5 km loops that start and end at the Town Hall of the 14th Arrondissement. The course is relatively flat even if a small uphill solicits our thighs on the way back to the town hall….

So, see you soon, to (re)discover the streets of the 14th arrondissement of Paris.

Previous editions :
2019 edition – 2018 edition – 2015 edition – 2013 edition

Very happy year 2020, with superb races and great performances!

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* An “arrondissement” is a municipal subdivision of the commune, used in large cities like Paris, Lyon, and Marseille. They are 20 in Paris with a City Hall (“Mairie”) and its own mayor (“maire”) in each one. There is also a City Hall for the whole Paris, and one mayor for Paris (“La Mairie de Paris” or “L’Hôtel de Ville”).

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