10K of the 14th arrondissement 2018


Start of the 10K of the 14th arrondissement of Paris 2014

“Les 10 Km du 14ème arrondissement*” (“14ème” means “quatorzième arrondissement” = Fourteenth arrondissement = 14th Paris administrative district)

21st January 2018 update – Just after the race

The rain was not very bad, contrary to forecasts. The first man finishes in 30:59, the first woman in 36:33. Find the results here.
Nice medal at the finish line, imitating a Paris subway ticket:


10 km of the 14th 2018 “Metro ticket” medal

Relive the race with the Relive tour here.

Video of the 2018 start:

Some photos: here.

The official photos of all the moments of the race (many) : here and 4 vidéos: here (thanks to the organizer!).

Results Excel file: 2018_10km14eme_2018_Resu.xlsx Results PDF file (more detailed): Classement-général_10km

First competition of the year which finds the runners impatient to rerun after the holidays. A flat circuit convenient to the performance… The first “arrondissement” 10K.
Different City Halls or local clubs participate in the organisation of a 10K in their Parisian “arrondissement”* (some of these races don’t exist anymore or are not planned in 2018, because of growing difficulties to organize or finance the races in Paris…):

  • “1er and 2ème arrondissements”: 10 km Paris Centre – next edition Sunday 7 October 2018
  • “8ème arrondissement”: “Les Foulées du 8ème” (Foulées=Strides) – canceled in 2017 and not announced this year (February?)
  • “9ème arrondissement”: “Les 10 km du 9ème” – last edition in 2016 and not announced this year (November?)
  • “10ème arrondissement”: “Les 10 km du 10ème” – last edition in 2011 (around the Canal Saint Martin)
  • “12ème arrondissement”: “Les Foulées du 12ème” – next edition 17 June 2018.
  • “13ème arrondissement”: “La Corrida de Noël” – last edition in the middle of the 2000’s (3rd edition in December 2003)
  • “14ème arrondissement”: “Les 10 km du 14ème” – This is the object of the present article! 😉
  • “15ème arrondissement”: “La corrida du 15ème” – next edition 21 October 2018 (to be confirmed)
  • “17ème arrondissement”: “Les Boucles du 17ème” (Boucles=Loops) – next edition 25 November 2018
  • “18ème arrondissement”: “10 km du 18ème Ronde Championnet” – last edition end of the 2000s
  • “19ème arrondissement”: “Les 10 km du 19ème” – last edition in 2017 and not announced until now (June?)
  • “20ème arrondissement”: “Les 10 km du 20ème” – next edition 3 June 2018

The race is organised by “l’Office du Mouvement Sportif” (OMS14), hosted by the City Hall of the 14th “arrondissement”. The OMS14 gathers the majority of the sports associations of the 14th arrondissement of Paris.

As every year, the start will take place in front of the City Hall. Three waves are planned this year. You can get a bib for a place in the preferential corral if you do less than 50 minutes per 10 km for women, less than 40 for men. All you have to do is to write to 10km14oms@gmail.com and send a proof of time or bring it with you when fetching your bib.

Not far from Montparnasse and the avenue du Maine, the course is composed of two 5K loops that start and return to the Town Hall. The course is relatively flat, even if a small uphill false plate is on our thighs when we return to the town hall…
The public is not very numerous – it’s cold in January – except at the 5th km and at the finish.
Be careful, the last loop does not end exactly where the first one ends, arrived at the level of the town hall, it is necessary to plan two more turns to the left to go along the square and finish, if possible, in sprint on about fifty meters!
Medals at the finish, refreshment with soup in general and a small bag with some goodies…

Find the registration form, practical information and the route here: Bulletin-plan-et-règlement2018
Registration can of course be done online at TopChrono

So, see you soon, to discover the streets of the 14th arrondissement of Paris.

Last editions:

2015 edition – 2013 edition

* An “arrondissement” is a municipal subdivision of the commune, used in large cities like Paris, Lyon, and Marseille. They are 20 in Paris with a City Hall (“Mairie”) and its own mayor (“maire”) in each one. There is also a City Hall for the whole Paris, and one mayor for Paris (“La Mairie de Paris” or “L’Hôtel de Ville”).

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