Hayley on Paris historical axis, after the Louvre, the Garden of the Tuileries, the “place de la Concorde” and the Obelisk of Louxor, the Champs-Elysées, the Arc of Triomphe and the business center of “la Défense” with its “Grande Arche”

7:30 AM – Hayley, who lives in Vancouver, began her stay in Paris and in Europe by a sports discovery of the city thanks to a 10 miles route in the company of Paris Running Tour.
Hayley is journalist for Lainey Gossip and also a personal trainer. 
We further recommend her article Travelling and weight management. We fully agree her first advice for travelling 😉 => see the web link that comes with it… Thank you Hayley 🙂

Discover with us some beautiful places of Paris, to run (or not) :

  • The “Cours de la Reine” : This beautiful alley created by Marie de Medici in 1618 is a nice place to run, see this beautiful lawn surrounded with majestic trees and which welcomes a number of statues. At Paris Running Tour, we call this perspective “The Alley of the Statues”. On the photo below, we can see successively the monument to the Russian Expeditionary force having fought in France during the World War I, the statue of General Lafayette (do you remember the small little tortoise ?), the statue of the Liberator Simon Bolivar then the one of the King of the Belgians, Albert the 1st.


Hayley – “Cours de la Reine”


  • “Place du Palais Royal” : Having passed by the garden of the Tuileries (see the photo at the beginning of this article), having crossed the Louvre by the passage which leads of the Pyramid to the Street of Rivoli, you discover the beautiful square of the Palais Royal. From there, you can join the gardens of the Palais Royal, the beautiful garden protected by the galleries of the Palais Royal.


Hayley – “Place du Palais Royal”


  • The “new banks of the river Seine” : We could not resist to the envy to make a small sprint on the 100 meters running track of the new banks of the Seine, small 2 km paradise in the center of Paris for the runners. Not so easy to accelerate after about 6 miles…


On our road, we were also able to admire:

  • The “Hôtel de Ville de Paris” (Paris City Hall), which, this day, welcomed the President of the Federal Republic of Germany (German flags joined to the French flags):


Hayley – “Hôtel de Ville de Paris”


  • The magnificent front door of the “Petit Palais”:


Hayley – Le Petit Palais


  • as well as one of the Parisian Statues of Liberty (discover them here) :


Hayley – Statue of Liberty (“Arts et Métiers”)

Merci Hayley !

The route of the tour :


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