Urban Trail of the Butte Montmartre

Start of the 2019 edition

Start of the 2019 edition

Update of 4 September 2020 : The 3rd edition of the UTBM must give way to the 1st edition of the UTBM CONNECTED on Sunday 20 September 2020.

The latest information concerning the circulation and spread of the virus on our territory, as well as the regulations on the wearing of masks outdoors in Paris and the Butte Montmartre district, oblige us to take appropriate measures to limit this spread.

While keeping the spirit and the objective of our first two editions :
This sporting, charitable and intergenerational event, and in 2020 connected, is an opportunity for the Fondation du Souffle to raise awareness among a wide public of the need for sports practice for better respiratory health. The entire amount of the registration fee will be donated to one or more Covid-19 research projects.

The Fondation du Souffle invites you to take part in the 1st connected edition of the Urban Trail of the Butte Montmartre.

The connected event is also the possibility to participate, connected from your home, your town, your region to take up this challenge and help us to support respiratory patients and to collect more and more.



This is the third edition of this amazing race! A “trail” in the middle of Paris. It is indeed an urban trail, with beautiful ascents and descents.
The atypical route is composed of several stages with steps, a total of 1200 and a vertical drop of 180D +, a “cultural” route that passes through the emblematic places of the Butte Montmartre.
The start is organized by corrals and by waves.
The race is punctuated by musical entertainment with the involvement of local cultural associations that brings back the atmosphere and character of Montmartre.

This year, there are two new features, the first is the organization of a connected race by the Fondation du Souffle on the same day of the Urbain Trail of La Butte Montmartre, the real race being open to a maximum of 750 participants to respect the exceptional sanitary conditions due to the Covid-19 pandemic (don’t delay to register if you wish to do the race on site).
The connected race allows all runners from France and all over the world to participate with the same objective of 7km and 180D+. The number of participants is unlimited!
The second new feature will be the possibility for participants who want to contribute to the advancement of research in pneumology to organize a solidarity fund and collect donations from their loved ones for the benefit of the Foundation.

In 2019, the Fondation du Souffle became the leading funder of respiratory health research in France thanks to donations from individuals (60%) and sponsorship (40%). 46K€ had been collected during UTBM 2019. The full amount of the registrations was allocated to Research, the sponsors covered the costs of the organization. The Fondation du Souffle is recognized as a public utility, donations from individuals are tax deductible up to 66% of income tax. It is entitled to receive donations.

To motivate you, some memories of the 2019 edition:

The accompaniment of the little drums of Montmartre and the view of Paris in the background

The accompaniment of the little drums of Montmartre and the view of Paris in the background


A few steps... and enjoy the picturesque "village" of Montmartre...

A few steps… and enjoy the picturesque “village” of Montmartre…


A beautiful milestone on the course: the Sacré-Cœur!

A beautiful milestone on the course: the Sacré-Cœur!


Watch the video (link above), it’s cool and it really makes you want to do it. Let’s wish a great success to this new edition!
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