10K of the Hexagone 2020


10 km de l’Hexagone Paris – Start and finish Hippodrome d’Auteuil – Our guide Jean-Charles is hidden among the runners (find him!)

Like many races in 2020, the 10KM DE L’HEXAGONE*had to be postponed. Scheduled in June, it takes place at the beginning of September, on a Saturday and in the evening.
It will be the first Parisian race of the new school year, as many others have been cancelled.

So it’s an opportunity to rediscover the pleasure of running in competition and to enjoy the different events:

  • a 10 km
  • a 10 km in duo
  • a 5km “family walk & run” open to both walkers and runners (not timed)

LES 10KM DE L’HEXAGONE support UNAFTC, l’Union Nationale des Associations de Familles de Traumatisés Crâniens (the national union of associations of families of head traumatized and cerebral Injured persons), which acts to defend and improve the daily life of the families of victims of head trauma and other brain injuries (150,000 per year). Sonia Rolland, National Sponsor of the 10KM DE L’HEXAGONE since its first edition, is very involved in this Association, which, for personal reasons, is particularly close to her heart.

Like the previous years, in Paris, the race starts and ends at the splendid hippodrome of Auteuil, precisely on the athletic track which is in the middle of the horses race field (for information, it is a track open to the public when there are no equestrian races, a beautiful 400 m to make its intervals series).
It’s always a great pleasure to finish a race by going around a stadium! Propice to the final sprint which makes us gain a few seconds and pass under the threshold of the objective!

* “Hexagone” means the continental part of France, reminding that its geographical shape resembles an almost regular hexagon (3 land sides and 3 sea sides). By extension, “Hexagone” is often used to designate France itself.

And why not combine this competition with a sightrunning tour of the city during your stay in Paris by running with authentic Parisian runner guides (warming up some day before the competition or recovering some day after)? Enjoy an original private tour, tailor-made for you:

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