The corrida of the 15th arrondissement 2019

Corrida 15ème 2019

With our friend Florence, a regular competitor. In the background the ‘Maison de la Radio’

It is with pleasure that we will find this new edition of the corrida*1 of the 15th arrondissement*2 of Paris. We owe this competition to a woman who has done a lot for running in Paris: Françoise Fidon. She has recently left us and we will think of her very much during the race.
Fortunately, her friends have taken up the torch and will continue to organize this competition.

The route consists of two loops in the streets of the 15th arrondissement of Paris. The race is quite rolling, crossing twice the beautiful André Citroën Park and goes along the Seine. The route is flat, however, it is necessary to plan twice the small climb to leave the banks.

*1 Corrida: many competitions have taken the name of “corrida”, of course they are no bulls here (fortunately, let’s them leave in peace!) but running, the word corrida originally means “running” in Spanish and Portuguese. A very old “corrida” takes place in Brazil every year, on the evening of December 31st, in Sao Paulo, the Corrida of new year’s eve: the “Corrida Internacional de São Silvestre” in Portuguese.

*2 The corrida of the 15th resists to the disappearance of all the friendly little local Parisian races, all those district (arrondissement) races whose organization is becoming more and more difficult to prepare (find >here< the reminder of all the local races we used to have). 2017 and 2018 have seen the loss of Paris Centre (for the 1st and 2nd arrondissements), the strides of the 8th, the 10 km of the 9th, the 10 km of the 19th !

But some of these races are coming back! In 2019, in November, we will be back at the Paris Centre race. In 2020, the strides of the 8th and the 10 km of the 9th arrondissement will return….


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