Strides of Insurance 2018

Les Foulées de l’Assurance 2018

Start of the "Foulées de l'Assurance" 2017 (Stride of Insurance)

Start of the “Foulées de l’Assurance” 2017 (Stride of Insurance)

“Les Foulées de l’ Assurance” is a sporting event with the aim of
– fighting cardiovascular diseases
– mobilize and sensitize the general public and insurance employees around this cause.
– It is also a responsible event, which is part of the “Running in solidarity and responsible” approach.

Two possibilities, a 10 km run or an 8 km walk.

10 K of the heart (“10 km du Coeur”)

The 10 km race takes place in the “Bois de Boulogne” and consists of a single loop with a flat and very green track. The race consists of a 10 km loop in the heart of the “Bois de Boulogne”, Parisian western wood. Urban and forest, it is a real breath of fresh air in the heart of Paris. The “10 Km du Coeur” are organized for the benefit of ADICARE, an association working for the development and innovations in cardiology.
This race is above all a moment of relaxation and solidarity for a public health cause. Start at 10:00 AM

Walk of the heart (“Marche du coeur”)

Participating in the “Walk of the Heart” helps the association “Make Your Heart Beat” (“Fais Battre Ton Cœur”), so that cardiac arrest is no longer a fatality. This 8 km walk will welcome participants with or without Nordic walking poles. Start at 10:20 AM

Finish of the 10 K

Finish of the 10 K


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