How to register to a race in France?

  • 1 January 1995 — 0 h 02

Register to a French running competition

Register to a French running competition

How to register for a race in France?
Two main possibilities:

  • It’s a very big race like the Paris Marathon, the 20 km of Paris, Paris-Versailles, etc. The registration is done directly with the organizer site. Fortunately, for these major races, an English version can exist.
  • It’s a local race, smaller, with few participants, then you can go through registration platforms such as (<= 2020 update, this company doesn’t exist anymore) or Protiming.

In all cases, a medical certificate of non-contraindication to running must be presented => Read our post here

Otherwise, it’s all in French, I’ve prepared a little lexicon that presents some of the vocabulary used in running or running competitions => Read our post here

Each of our blog posts gives the link to the registration. Read our blog!

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