Paris Eco-trail 2018


Ecotrail 2017

The Paris EcoTrail is made up of several races, walks and hikes… and even a vertical one.
Even though most of the EcoTrail’s races and walks start outside Paris, the most classic EcoTrail races all finish in Paris (80 km, 45 km, 30 km*), at the most famous place in Paris: the Eiffel Tower.
The Verticale is entirely dedicated to it with a start at his feet and a finish at the top, after having climbed 1665 steps…


Verticale de la Tour Eiffel 2018

“La Verticale” can be achieved in less than 10 minutes for the best “runners”… Probably faster than taking the elevator that leads you to the second floor and then the one that leads you to the third floor!
The runners who have chosen the 80 km will also have a small treat at the end, climb to the first floor of the tower! Nothing at all after 80 km…;)

The first event is the Verticale, which starts on Thursday 15th March at 8:20pm and allows you to enjoy the view of the illuminated Paris (well… after the finish).
The other races take place the following weekend.

You will find all the information about these races on the EcoTrail website which is very well done.

* 80 km = 50 Mi, 45 km = 28 Mi, 30 km = 19 Mi, 18 km = 11 Mi

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