Saturday, 26th of March. We ran the Foulées du Tertre.

This 10 km is a very original race in Paris, quite unusual, starting in the afternoon, a Saturday, but above all, taking place in Montmartre, in the middle of the numerous tourists.
Montmartre is a 130 meters high hill, in the north of Paris, a very well-known charming “village”, in the 18th arrondissement of Paris.

Hilly place? Yes, this day, the runners experienced it running three sloping loops, running on the pavement de “la butte Montmartre” (butte=mound)… Hard but very pleasant race, notably by this very typical atmosphere.
Michael from the US, who, with his wife, took a Paris running tour with us during the week, enjoyed to compete with us on this very local race*.

Besides, the organizers of the race welcomed and exposed the work of a friend, a painter who has an original vision of running. You like art, you like running, see the art of Vincent Dogna. Vincent is an artist but also a runner. If you already ran a competition, seeing his paintings, you will feel again those particular feelings we get when we compete.

If you want to compete in Paris and if you book a tour with us, tell us and we can show you the route and help you to prepare the competition (the Paris marathon, for example). An advice on these races? Ask us!
We can also help you to register. The web sites are often in French (but we can help you if you ask).
Of course, if you do not want to compete in Paris and want to fully enjoy sight jogging, we are there for you. We love competition, running, but above all Paris!

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