Ryan and Ginger – Chestnut trees and modern art in the garden of the Tuileries  
7:59 AM With Ginger and Ryan from Austin, Texas, we had a 2 hours tour. Ginger and Ryan are preparing their first marathon, Saint Jude Memphis Marathon, beginning of December. We started from the Arc of Triumph, ran on the Avenue Foch (Finish of the Paris Marathon), went along the “Bois de Boulogne” lake, went back to Paris and finished the tour by the Champs Elysees (Start of the Paris Marathon!).
On our way, crossing the Tuileries garden, we had the opportunity to enjoy some modern creations of the Contemporary Art International Exhibition (in French, FIAC, Foire Internationale d’Art Contemporain) which takes place every end of October. See the FIAC here and the Tuileries garden part here.
Thank you Ginger and Ryan! Enjoy your first marathon!
The route of the tour:
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