Monet – Nympheas – Orangerie
Running, running, running… We love to run, and especially in Paris, you already know that.
But it is also our duty to give news about Arts and culture in Paris, so in addition to the posts about our nice sight jogging in Paris and also about Paris running competitions, we would like to give you some news about Arts and Culture in Paris.
While running, we cross so many museums and places of art exhibitions…
So, here is a new rubric: Paris Arts and Cultural News!

This autumn, Paris celebrates Monet! If you have the opportunity to come to Paris, you should really see the Monet Exhibition in the Grand Palais (until the 24th of January 2011). We also strongly recommend the virtual journey proposed by the Grand Palais.

Many Paris museums also have temporary and permanent expositions of Monet Painting, among them, the Marmottan Museum, and the Orangerie, where you can see the famous Nympheas…

And why not combining those visits with some Paris sightjogging with Paris Running Tour? Pourquoi pas ? 😉

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