Strides of the Tertre in Montmartre 2019

Foulées du Tertre 2018 - Running on the paved slopes of Montmartre covered with snow!

Foulées du Tertre 2018 – Running on the paved slopes of Montmartre covered with snow! (Thanks to Eat & Run for the photos

“Les foulées du Tertre”

As every year, Montmartre is open to runners thanks to this unusual 10 km. This is the 31st edition of the “Foulées du Tertre”! Last year, the snow cooled the runners in the middle of March.

Let’s recall some of the characteristics of this original race: in the heart of Montmartre, with its cobblestones, its “charming” climbs and descents, its tourists (the race takes place on Saturday afternoon), awards worthy of the artistic district for the best (paintings by local artists), the touristic circuit (windmills, views of Paris, Place du Tertre), pre race entertainment and our friend André, the famous coffee boy runner amongst the organizers…



Animation before the race – “Les petits tambours de Montmartre” (the little drums of Montmartre)


Don’t necessarily look for the record, as you can see, it’s not all flat…

The videos in the links correspond to the 2011 edition…




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